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This course is for the student that has less time to study than they need. If you have a busy school/work schedule, are in a time crunch, or you've already studied for the MCAT before, this course is for you.


It includes 6-month access to our all new online eCourse that comes with written guides, practice questions, and video lectures. Those guides and lectures cover the following topics:


  • High Yield MCAT Sciences eBook: New and improved explanations, professional formatting, conversational language, and examples of how each of the high and mid yield topics are tested on the MCAT. The MCAT tests with examples, so that's how we teach.


  • No Fluff: Subjects included in this book were carefully selected by a team of tutors with over 2 decades tutoring experience combined. Only subjects that appear on almost every single exam were selected to be taught and reviewed so you can study faster without getting weighed down by the added fluff of standard programs.



  • Video lectures covering High Yield and Mid Yield sciences: Lectures taught by Maggie & John themselves explaining the most testable sciences in digestible terms with humor and examples to make them stick!


  • Practice questions corresponding to each chapter with frequently updating releases of new questions: Carefully handwritten and reviewed by experts in the field to make certain you know the most testable portions of every chapter. 


  • MCAT Math eBook: Enjoy the 10-most frequently tested math questions on the exam and how to solve them. This also comes with an explanation of the most commonly tested mathematical approaches and a full equation sheet so you'll never be caught by surprise!


  • Video lectures breaking down math chapters: Lectures taught by Maggie & John working several math examples with you showing you when and how to round and estimate to answer MCAT math questions quickly.


  • MCAT Strategy eBook: Have you ever wondered how a "good test taker" thinks? Well we put it into a book.


  • Video lectures breaking down strategies: Maggie & John teach you how and when to apply the best strategies of the MCAT including CARS strategies, the Flowchart Method, Simplifying the Question Stem, and more.


  • Anki Mini-Course: John will walk you through how to set up and become proficient with Anki quickly so you do not have to spend another second clicking through endless YouTube videos before you give up.


  • Pre-Made Anki Deck: Anki cards that relate to our guides made by us, for you so you never had to waste time making your own card unless you feel the need to.


  • Bonus: Hours of advise from Maggie & John on managing all important life events around studying for the MCAT including time-management, relationships, physical and mental health, and more.


Please note, this is a pre-sale and you will not receive access until January 15th. Please be sure to include the email you would like access granted to in your sign-up. Sign-Up now to reserve your spot!

High Yield MCAT eCourse

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