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High Yield MCAT Course

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The course designed for students with limited study time, such as those with busy schedules, previous MCAT experience, or facing time constraints. It provides six-month access to written guides, practice questions, and video lectures. Though it has six-month access, it can be completed in weeks. Key components of the course include: 1. High Yield MCAT Sciences eBook: Enhanced explanations, professional formatting, and conversational language of high and mid-yield topics, demonstrating how they are tested on the MCAT. 2. No Fluff Approach: The content has been selectively curated by experienced tutors, focusing solely on subjects consistently appearing on the MCAT. This streamlined approach helps students study efficiently without unnecessary content. 3. Video Lectures on Sciences: Maggie and John, the course instructors, deliver lectures on high and mid-yield sciences. Their teaching style incorporates humor and practical examples to facilitate understanding. 4. Practice Questions: The course includes regularly updated practice questions for each chapter, designed to emphasize the most testable content. 5. MCAT Math eBook: This book covers the ten most frequently tested math questions on the MCAT. It also explains common mathematical approaches and provides a complete equation sheet. 6. Math Chapter Video Lectures: These lectures, also taught by Maggie and John, demonstrate how to tackle MCAT math questions, including techniques for rounding and estimating. 7. MCAT Strategy eBook: This book offers insights into the thought processes of successful test-takers, providing strategies for approaching the MCAT. 8. Strategy Video Lectures: Maggie and John explain how and when to apply various MCAT strategies, such as the Flowchart Method and Simplifying the Question Stem. 9. Anki Mini-Course: John guides students through setting up and using Anki, a digital flashcard tool, to enhance their study efficiency. 10. Pre-Made Anki Deck: Pre-Made = More Time for You

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