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- Made by current medical students for future medical students

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Pete S

The care these two have for those who may have a harder time getting into a rough career (or one more reserved for the upper class) is real!! All their stuff is incredible and their ifd high yield guide is a must have!! I don't write reviews unless I actually believe in their stuff. Thanks again guys!

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We are medical students in the southern United States. We're making YouTube Videos teaching everyone how to ace the MCAT and detailing our journeys through medical school. The name of the game here is trial and error - we have tutored many students in the past few years and have found out effective ways to teach the MCAT (and some not so effective ways too).  However, we learn from those mistakes and have a solid program that we are confident in sharing. As we change, we expect our channel to change. Perhaps we will eventually move away from the MCAT and have a perfected program that runs like clockwork. Perhaps we’ll stick around the MCAT for a longer time. Regardless, we are glad you are here and hope you enjoy this channel as much as we enjoy crafting it!

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